Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Show

I went to the A and P show and I saw the motorbikes. They jumped over the logs. I could hear the engines roaring. It made me feel happy
and excited.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Discovery reflection

              Discovery Time Reflection

The activities I enjoyed doing was woodwork and  Lego.  I was good at sharing and taking turns. I was being responsible because I was using the tools responsibly and
I would like to do cooking.

I have become better at hammering the nails in at woodwork because I keep practicing. I always complete the stuff that I start making.

Overall I feel discovery time has been cool and I look forward to trying to do cooking in term 4 because I like baking.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Reflection of my speech

The parts I enjoyed the most were talking about my brother. The challenges I encountered were spelling the hard words like enormous. I overcame these challenges by C3B4ME and if they didn't know I asked the teacher for help. Overall I feel  good about writing my speech and I made it is good as I could. 

As I was practising my speech I tried my best to make it a good speed and have lots of expression in it. My challenge was looking at the audience as I was doing my speech. I did good when I was talking to the class because I was happy to share it.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Waking Up

It was dark and it was quiet.  I lay calmly in my bed. I could hear my cousins coughing. I silently climbed out of my bed and just got my clothes on as they were sitting at the end of my bed. I was excited because in my dreams I was going to the movies. Bad luck my dream wasn’t real, it was a school day.   Harlee was moaning about going to school. I ignored him. All I wanted was to get to school.                   

My Speech

Motorbikes make the world a better place because they are fun to ride. Motorbikes are better transport for people because you get fresh air when riding them. Have you ever been hot and stuffy in a car? When I went down south I got car sick. That wouldn't happen if I was on a motorbike. Everybody should ride a motorbike!

Motorbikes don't get stuck in the mud. One time I was driving on the old farm with my brother. We went through a massive puddle, it was really slippery and fun.  We went through an enormous ditch but didn't get stuck. A car would have got stuck! Everybody should ride a motorbike!

Motorbikes are more fun because you can use them for herding the cows out of the paddock. It is fun to ride with my brother Vinnie on the back of the bike. We went fast and did donuts amongst the cows in the paddock 
Everybody should ride a motorbike!

Motorbikes are much better than cars.  You don't get sick, don't get stuck, can go fast, you can herd cows in. Everyone should ride a motorbike